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putting into my head an idea

beginning a writing project, and detailing the convoluted process here

every time you push play

the shrinking time loop and the melancholy of the end

when you've got nothing to think about but being dead

the lead character's take on death, and some clips about this screenplay project from this week's 'the groundhog day project: minute by minute' (along with guest austi...

it's not a bug, it's a feature

opening and closing scenes, four friends at the center of the story, order (or lack thereof) and tone.

i made my system a little too complicated

rewatching time loop stories and taking notes for references, and calculating triangle numbers to know how much more loop is left

an existential kinda deal

what is the point of a time loop story? plus, how to insert political messaging.

where each piece of the mix-and-match comes from

figuring out the plot, sorting pages and pages of notes and references, and naming the main characters.

i should let you know who i am

telling you a bit about myself, and laying out the backbone of the plot as i see it currently

more of a worldbuilder than a storyteller

flashback to childhood and since, looking at how i build stories and worlds, and the process of piecing together a new reality before the story of it can be written

it's a tragedy pretending it's an absurdist comedy

having too many ideas, and exploring some old 3x5 card story ideas of mine that never got written

transpersonal symbolism from the collective unconscious

more time loops i've watched recently, plus why the story starts in the middle, and what's the point?

tv tropes, pay attention; you can add these.

#philconnoring, #timeloopstupid, #timelooproofie, and my notes from #TheMapOfTinyPerfectThings

the voiceover is aware it's talking to an audience

time loop and voiceover hand in hand, deliberate artifice, and what is going on with connor's parents?

though some of the details will change along the way

the opening line, connor's father, getting past the artifice of voiceover, and justifying the use of inside information (or not)

take the good, and keep it. leave the bad behind.

x-files and highlander scripts i wrote as a teen, and adapting old ideas and characters into new stories.

that's what makes me happy

creative blocks, autistic burnout, musicals, halloween ends, and circling back to creative projects.

what you want to spend your time doing

#moviesbyminutes podcasting, the groundhog day project, lawrence/julie & julia, julie powell, legacies, and what matters.

the story of the last syllable notes file number eight

umbrella academy, learning the piano, royal promises, the sator square, last day of june, meet cute.

my main character is still a cypher

recent loops, rhapsody on a theme of paganini, and character backstory.

i don't even remember now

unfinished episodes, under the snow, song of fellfaraway, future plans, cock & bull movie talk, and the groundhog day project: minute by minute.

my brain is constantly harping

a little update on projects on hiatus, current projects, upcoming projects, and living inside my brain.

i'm looking forward to the next thing

there have been a few episodes i've recorded but not shared. so, here's an update on how the novel i've been writing is going, plus plans for the future.

i like the idea that i was writing regularly again

a brief update about potential writing projects to come.

as soon as i made that decision

I talk about Lee, the anthropomorphic rabbit detective from a future story, Choose Two Rabbits, because I'm not yet working on Death, Death, Death...Also, should it be...

before the faller man

sorting out my notes and characters and deciding the order of deaths for death death death. getting ready to really outline this thing and get writing.

my special interest that i never had

shifting titles, plans for new stories and remixing old ones, plus creole and language, and finding focus when the world is a mess.

it keeps the demons at bay

groundhog day project blog day 578... musicals, escapism, not universalizing your writing, method participation, home alone, fear, and nicole kidman totally plagiarize...

no one listens to this show

death death death update and suprising myself, a dream i once had and the future audience of this show, michael myers minute and obsessing about filming locations and ...

i love the implication that characters have things going on

DEATH DEATH DEATH progress, the shallows problem, behind enemy lines, rewriting the escalor, worldbuilding, choose two rabbits, the last syllable of recorded time, and...

duos insequens lepores neutrum capit

titles and changing them; stealing old idea for new stories; idioms, puns, proverbs, and adages; planning future stories; and getting more of DEATH DEATH DEATH complet...

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